The Beauty Of Farming

Many people will agree that farming is one of the few jobs that bring you closer to the earth and a natural way of life. Billed as one of the oldest livelihoods in society, farming is considered beautiful for more than its ability to connect the farmer to nature:

Tout NaturelAlthough the act of farming is now supported by technology, it still makes use of all natural elements. Water to water the plants; seeds and soil; and animals make up a farm. A farmer needs to invest in land and a source of water, and find animals such as cows, hens, horses and small farm tractors for sale in order to start a farm. Sunlight and wind are also important in nurturing life within the farm. The growth cycle of plants, their harvest and the birth of new animals each spring are all dictated by nature. Therefore, farming as a profession is still more than half “all natural.”

Celebration of LifeFarming is a celebration of life in every form. A livestock farmer rears animals while a crop farmer sows seeds and watches them grow. Throughout the year a farmer will help create life, he/she will help life thrive on his/her farm, and they will do everything they can to increase that yield. Whether it is finding beans for sale in order to sow beans for the autumn; or finding working dogs for sale in order to herd sheep in the summer; or finding strong wood to build a barn that keeps out the cold in winter, everything the farmer does is about furthering life on the farm, to know more about sheep for sale, visit

Protecting NatureFarmers get a bad rap these days because the industrialization of farming has led to the over exploitation of land and water, which has in turn led to the degradation of many natural resources. However, if done properly, farming can actually protect and even conserve land. Farmers have farmed for centuries using eco-friendly methods that help the land recover after a period of farming. Leaving land in fallow, crop alternation, using biodegradable and eco-friendly pesticides and fertilizer, going organic as much as possible and other such measures can help protect the land and other natural resources.

Spiritual AwakeningFarming can have a deep spiritual impact on the farmer. Working closely with the land, eliminating the barriers that usually lie between Man and Nature, and doing something that has been ingrained into human DNA for millennia can have a profound effect on the mental well being of people. Farming requires physical exertion and this can improve the physical health of a person. Along with the physical health, the mentality of a person can also improve as farming has very clear and obvious results. The sense of fulfilment and achievement that comes with seeing yields can be a very positive experience for anyone.

Writen by Sam Brooks